May, seventh :)

September 07, 2010

it's one of my precious moments
May, seventh.. when I know that he has same feeling towards me :)

time goes so was 4 months ago
we had movie together at thursday on sixth May
Ip Man + Iron Man
oh nooo I soooo excited :D

first when we watch Ip Man, he told me that he gonna have an exercise later,
but when I was totally forgot bout it
I ask him to watch Iron Man
he agree with me, and cancelled his exercise
waaah, I'm really really clumsy..

and he's going to Jakarta on 11 May
and that also will be our "farewell"
so I hold him at the studio for 2 hours
we sit like stupid people and have a very nice chat
he also make a promises that he wouldn't forget me :)
I was very sad on that moment, but his promises cheer me up

so he really wait till my dad catch me up
and that was on 10.00 p.m.

then on seventh May,
we texting alot,
till i got a message from him :

haha..pia.. gw suka ama kamu..
gmn neh..

= =


I'm shocked
Gosh.. am I dreaming?? :))

so I replied him that I like him too
after that we talk alot on the phone.. :)

P.S : I still have the tickets on my wallet :P

I'm so in love♥

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