Barelang trip - 14 November 2010

November 19, 2010

1st round ------> New opened restaurant
883 seafood restaurant
bridge 4-5


2nd round
------> Rumah Kelong
bridge 6

There were 5 Dogs when we arrived
They're very smart, greet any people who came to that place
and when the costumer wants to go home, they will deliver the costumer to the car :D

found an interesting stuff
creepy.. O_O

while wait the food, me, my sista, and my cousin went to the fishing place
the wind blew hard, the wave crashed the quay
we walked slowly
and we arrived :D


my cousin


we ate so many food
my cousin took a crab's bite
damn big :O

when we on way home
it's still raining
there was a FOG

not clear?

see this

we enjoyed the trip very much!
the foods were deliciosaa :D

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