this three days

November 10, 2010


My dearest dog, Cany, passed away on the morning before I went to school.
She was already 8 years for now. And it's already old.
Maybe it's the time for letting her go.
Her legs are swelled since 1 week ago. And she didn't want to eat anything.
The last moment with her is the evening before her death
she still can raise her head for seeing me
I was talking to her, rubbing her head, and cried..
my mom also said that she stay up when my daddy coming to her cage
it's her last admiration for my dad..

RIP Cany Von Puk Dan
You are the best buddy that I ever had :')


I'm turned into 16 now.

Thanks God, for the 16th memorable birthday to me :).

Thanks Mom and Dad, for your Wonderful Love to me♥.

Thanks Fammies and Friends, for the birthday greetings and wishes to me^^.

on the last night I had a chat with him on YM!
he said that he wants to be the first people who congrats me
so, while waiting to midnight, here' sthe silly things that we have made :

he's far far awaaaaaaayyy~~
but he promise will celebrate with me when he come to Batam on 3 December
I counting down to it♥
I miss the time we were together :(


It's already 7 months since I knew him for the first time.
I still remember on that day,
My teacher asked the OSIS member to call the chairman of the grade 12 for a prom-night meeting
and he was the chairman of 12 science 1
damn Vincent asked me to called him alone = =

so I went to his class, but no one there
I went down to the notification board, and searching for the schedule,
oh they were at the physics lab
I'm so nervous..
we went wrong way to the meeting room
how stupid I am = =

I'm so surprised when on the afternoon he chat me on YM!
I'm so happy and embarassed
and till now I still save all the conversation that we have made

If there's no that day, we won't be like this :D
happy seven months :)

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